PUROGENE-One quart

PUROGENE-One quart


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Product Description

EPA approved and highly effective, Purogene Water Additive is your go-to solution for ensuring safe and clean water storage. Our 32oz bottle provides an economical yet potent treatment method for potable water in storage tanks, guaranteeing long-term freshness and purity.

Purogene is more than just a water treatment; it's a safeguard against harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and microbes. By destroying existing colonies and preventing the formation of new ones, Purogene ensures that your stored water remains pristine and free from foul odors and tastes.

Suitable for various water systems, including cold and hot water setups, as well as plastic, fiberglass, and metal tanks, Purogene offers unparalleled versatility and reliability.

With just one ounce treating up to 30 gallons of water, our formula is highly concentrated and effective, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your water is safe to drink for an extended period.

Purogene Usage Instructions:

  1. Add 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of Purogene per 30 gallons of water into your container.
  2. Fill the container with potable water and seal it tightly, storing it away from sunlight in a cool environment.
  3. For disinfecting, use 1 fl oz of Purogene per 10 gallons of water tank capacity, along with 1 tsp of Citric Acid Activator Crystals. Follow the detailed disinfection procedure provided below.

Water Storage Facts:

  • Water must be potable and free of organic materials.
  • Containers should be completely opaque and shielded from sunlight to maintain Purogene's effectiveness.
  • Regular treatment ensures fresh taste and odor control, maintaining water quality over time.

Disinfection Procedure:

  1. Mix 1 fl oz of Purogene per 10 gallons of water tank capacity in a clean container.
  2. Add 1 tsp of Citric Acid Activator Crystals and let it stand for 5 minutes.
  3. Pour the sanitizing solution into the water tank and fill it with potable water.
  4. Drain a small amount of water from each faucet, including hot water faucets, to distribute the solution throughout the system.
  5. Let the system stand for at least 1 hour, then drain the tank and refill with potable water treated with 5 ppm of ClO2.
  6. Repeat this procedure as needed to maintain water quality and purity.

Trust Purogene Water Additive for reliable water treatment and storage, ensuring clean and safe water for your everyday needs.

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I got exactly what I ordered, safely packaged, in a timely manner at a good price. Expert help is available when needed. What more could I want.

RR Preacher
Nov 24, 2023

As full time RVers, that move around, we very much appreciate all the expert assistance we receive from the RV Water Filter Store. They promptly answer our questions and provide guidance to all our questions. We have found them very honest, easy to contact and their shipping is very quick!

Nov 13, 2023

I appreciate your prompt service. So far the filter is working good. It's the first time I've ordered from you after many years with another company.

Nov 10, 2023

I enjoy the fact that I can call and make an appointment and they call back at the time I selected and get to talk to a person with questions. I then order and have what I need in just a few days.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Very knowledgeable and helpful in the selection, use and maintenance of their products. My water initially tested very hard, after installation the water definitely felt different and tested all green (softest). Bar soap in the shower didn't lather well in the past, now I have bubbles abound! Thanks a great product and information!

Sept 11, 2023

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