About Us

We are Dave and Tracey Brannam, owners of RV Water Filter Store since November 1, 2016. We have been RV’ing for 20 years on and off, and full timing since 2014. Dave took an early retirement from Intel Corporation in 2014 after 35 years as an engineer and engineering manager. At the same time, Tracey retired from her 23-year career as the owner of a high-end photography studio.

We took to the road after retirement, sold the house in Northern California and went to all corners of the country, exploring the Olympic Peninsula, the Rockies, all the way to Maine, down to the Florida Keys and back to Southern California, and found Jojoba Hills RV Resort which is our current home base. That is where we met Rick and Lynn Dahl, the original owners of RV Water Filter Store.

When Rick and Lynn decided to sell the business and retire, it was a match made in heaven. We are passionate about clean water and helping others, and buying the business allows us to continue to travel around the country, bringing the ability to clean water to the RV’ing community. After several months of Dave training with Rick, we took over the business and they went on a cruise to the Panama Canal! Our intent is to continue to provide the same excellent customer service and innovative products that RV Water Filter Store has always provided, and we hope to grow our product line and customer base so everyone who RV’s can have clean water anywhere they are.

Our Founders

Rick and Lynn Dahl, owned and operate the RV Water Filter Store for 24 years, while RVing full-time, no less. Perhaps you met them at one of the many RV shows that they attend around the country. After twenty four years on the road, they encountered a wide range of problems with the water supplies at RV parks. They gradually, through much research and trial-and-error, found solutions for these problems - solutions that the RV Water Filter Store continues to make available today. We all benefit from the experience and knowledge that the Dahl’s have provided to the RV water industry, and I personally am very thankful to them for all they have done.