Essential System Water Filter + Iron Filter - Complete kit with Blue Cage, Pressure Regulator, and Two Water Hoses

Essential System Water Filter + Iron Filter - Complete kit with Blue Cage, Pressure Regulator, and Two Water Hoses


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Product Description

This system will filter one of the most difficult water issues - Iron. When you have red stains in your sink, sulfur smell and bad taste, you probably have iron in your water. This system has a 1 micron Sediment Filter (RV-SED1), a .5 micron modified Carbon Block Filter (F1), and the Metal Trap, which gets the iron out.

  • Triple 10"" x 2.5"" Standard Canisters with Hose fittings
  • 1 ""Blue Cage"" Universal Mounting Bracket and screws
  • 2 RV-SED1 Sediment filters
  • 1 F1 Modified Carbon Block filter
  • 1 Metal Trap Iron and Metals Removal Cartridge
  • 1 Standard Canister Wrench
  • 1 25 ft white hose with Lead Free brass fittings
  • 1 6 ft white hose with Lead Free brass fittings
  • 1 Watts 263A-LF with SS external parts and SS oil filled gauge


About This Product

3-4 GPM at 60 PSI

Specs & Details

Replacement Filters:


  • RVWFS A1108 Sediment Filters
  • - 9 7/8"" x 2.5""
  • - 1 Micron nominal Melt Blown style
  • Model CFBC-10
  • Part Number 255679-43
  • Diameter 2-7/8""
  • Length 9-3/4""
  • Flow Rate 8.1 psi @ 1 gpm
  • Cholorine Taste & Odor Reduction @gpm > 5,000 gallons @ 1 gpm
  • Micron Rating 0.5 micron
  • Temperature Rating 40º F to 180º F
  • Filter Media Bonded PAC
  • End Caps Polypropylene
  • Nettings Polyethylene
  • Gaskets Santoprene
Metal Trap Filter is a unique water filtration technology designed to selectively filter out stain-causing metals found in water. Unfiltered water can damage finishes and equipment and cause discoloration and odors. the Metal Trap is a combination of filtration media materials that work together to give you superior metal removal. This synergistic media technology doesn’t just treat water—it chemically reacts with the metals and then physically traps them, removing them permanently from the water! With the Metal Trap, you can remove even the toughest metals and contaminants found in the worst well water. Our patent-pending technology is specifically designed to remove copper, iron, and other problematic metals from your water supply. It is also very effective on removing hydrogen sulfide, responsible for the rotten egg smell. No matter what your project is or where your water is coming from, the Metal Trap will work hard to get you the best results.


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Cheap In-line filters are commonly rated at 100 microns - or not at all. Our Essential Series goes down to 0.5 Microns. The Virus Hero(TM) filter elements have an “absolute” rating at 0.2 microns, removing or reducing contaminants, viruses, and pathogens other filters can't.


In-line filters often restrict flow. Most RV Parks & Campgrounds offer only 40 PSI at the hose. Our RV water filter system uses extra-large filter canisters, giving you much better flow, even under heavy demand.



I got exactly what I ordered, safely packaged, in a timely manner at a good price. Expert help is available when needed. What more could I want.

RR Preacher
Nov 24, 2023

As full time RVers, that move around, we very much appreciate all the expert assistance we receive from the RV Water Filter Store. They promptly answer our questions and provide guidance to all our questions. We have found them very honest, easy to contact and their shipping is very quick!

Nov 13, 2023

I appreciate your prompt service. So far the filter is working good. It's the first time I've ordered from you after many years with another company.

Nov 10, 2023

I enjoy the fact that I can call and make an appointment and they call back at the time I selected and get to talk to a person with questions. I then order and have what I need in just a few days.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Very knowledgeable and helpful in the selection, use and maintenance of their products. My water initially tested very hard, after installation the water definitely felt different and tested all green (softest). Bar soap in the shower didn't lather well in the past, now I have bubbles abound! Thanks a great product and information!

Sept 11, 2023

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