This system is a powerful system that is designed for any RV'er and is designed to remove SULFUR SMELL and RED STAINING caused by high Iron content. It has all the filtration capability of the ESSENTIAL System, PLUS the Metal Trap Resin Filter specifically designed to remove Iron and other metals.

FILTER SEQUENCE- 1st Canister - RV-SED1, 2nd Canister - F1 (CFBC-10), 3rd Canister - Metal Trap


Flow: 3-4 GPM at 60 PSI
Microns: 0.5 Microns
Life: Metal Trap 6000 Gallons, Other filters 6 months
Class: Class 1
Primary Function: Removes Sediment Chlorine, VOC's, Taste/odor, Cysts (Giardia/Cryptosporidium), Iron, Lead and heavy metals

Product Description

This system will filter one of the most difficult water issues - Iron. When you have red stains in your sink, sulfur smell and bad taste, you probably have iron in your water. This system has a 1 micron Sediment Filter (RV-SED1), a .5 micron modified Carbon Block Filter (F1), and the Metal Trap Resin Filter which gets the iron out.

For additional purity for drinking water, an under sink system like the Ultrapure Premium  or an under sink RO System could be used.

Hoses NOT included.  Need top-quality, premium hoses?  Using our custom hose tool, you can design your own hoses, ie length, color, stainless steel or lead-free brass fittings.  Lifetime Guaranteed!  Custom Hose Tool click here

This system is powerful system that is designed for any RV'er and is specially designed to remove SULFUR SMELL and RED STAINING associated with high iron content. It has all of the filtration that the ESSENTIAL System has, plus a resin cartridge targeted at removing iron and other metals.


   Triple 10" x 2.5" Standard Canisters with Hose fittings

   Triple Mounting Bracket

   2 RV-SED1 Sediment filters

   1 F1 Modified Carbon Block filter

   1 Metal Trap Iron and Metals Removal Cartridge

   1 Standard Canister Wrench

Dimensions and Weight


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