This system adds scale reduction to OUR BEST SELLING SYSTEM, the ESSENTIAL System, for those who do not have room for a water softener. THIS SYSTEM USES STANDARD GARDEN HOSES. It includes an additional canister and the RV-PH phosphate filter which coats the inside of your plumbing to reduce scaling. It is connected with a garden hose, or can be mounted in the RV or Boat with a Triple Canister Mounting bracket, which is included

FILTER SEQUENCE- 1st Canister - RV-SED1, 2nd Canister - F1PB (CFB-PB10), 3rd Canister -RV-PH

Essential System Water Filteration + Anti-Scale Filtering

Essential System Water Filteration + Anti-Scale Filtering

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Flow: 3-4 GPM at 60 PSI
Microns: 0.5 Microns
Life: 6 -12 months average
Class: Class 1
PSI: Max 75 PSI
Primary Function: Reduces Scaling