Get over 5 Gallons / minute flow while filtering down to 0.5 micron with this System. Takes all the goodness of our best selling Essential System and adds better flow and longer life! For additional stability and for mounting, use the Dual Jumbo Bracket which is included.

FILTER SEQUENCE- 1st Canister - PR-1 Jumbo, 2nd Canister - F1BB (CFBC-10BB)

Essential Jumbo RV Water Filtration System

Essential Jumbo RV Water Filtration System

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Flow: 5-6 GPM
Microns: 0.5 Nominal
Life: 1-2 Years
Class: Class 1
PSI: Max 100 PSI
Primary Function: Whole RV Filtration - Removes sediment, taste/odor, cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium), chlorine, VOC's PFC's Pesticdes

Product Description

Dual Jumbo canisters with PR-1BB & CFBC-10BB cartridges will have great flow while filtering sediment down to .5 micron and carbon/taste and odor filtration of a world class carbon filter.


   Dual Jumbo 14" x 7.5" Jumbo Canisters with Hose fittings

   Dual Jumbo Mounting Bracket

   1 PR-1 Jumbo Sediment Filter

   1 F1BB (CFBC-10BB) 0.5 Micron Modified Carbon Fiber Block Filter

    Blue Cage Dimensions  26"L x 8.25"W x 17.25"H.

   1 Jumbo Canister Wrench

Our JUMBO canister systems are made of durable plastic, solid, lead free brass fittings and strong brackets to hold them in place if installed in your RV. Canister systems are as easy to hook up, and far superior to in-line filters, which only filter sediment down to 50-100 microns in most cases.   Comes with choice of brackets... either the standard L - Bracket or the Universal Blue Cage

Blue Cage Dimensions 26"L x 8.25"W x 17.25"H.

DOWNLOAD-Assembly Instructions for Canisters and Filter Installation

Dimensions and Weight

Jumbo Dual System - Dimensions Chart


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