RV Water Filtration Systems Help Clean Your Water

RV Water Filtration Systems Help Clean Your Water

When you go to take a sip of water from your RV faucet, of course you want it safe, clean, and good-tasting. To ensure that is the case, using a water filtration system is key. Otherwise, some campgrounds that use well water could ruin your freshwater tank.

Unfiltered water that goes into the holding tank can stain the tank as well. You could use bottled water for drinking, but it’s not environmentally friendly. Bottled water takes up excessive space in an RV. So, when you factor in that limited area of space for storage and price it adds up to an unnecessary expense.

“Simply boiling water won’t completely clean it,” said Justin Boggs, an owner of RV Water Filter Store (a Schwalm Parts & AnyRVParts.com company), based in California. “Boiling doesn’t improve the taste or smell of the water or remove metals, other minerals, or sediments. So, even if you intend to boil water to make it ‘safe,’ it might still taste or smell awful or have floating debris in it.”

The solution?  

“One of three steps,” said David Brannam, a water filtration expert with the company.

Step one includes water filters that remove bacteria, step two entails water softeners, and the third step involves reverse osmosis systems. “People want clean water, but they don’t have an idea of how to do it,” Brannam added. “If you are traveling around a lot, you really don’t know what’s going to be in the water that you are using, so you have to plan for everything.” It’s critical to start with a sediment filter and another type of smaller filter to remove chlorine, chemicals, taste, and odor. “But the things that can get through are anything that is dissolved in water completely,” he concluded.  “That could be minerals… calcium or magnesium making the water hard…or metals, lead…those things can pass through unless you have a way to absorb them with your filtration system.”

For more information about the water filtration systems that RV Water Filter store offers, click here to view a video with Brannam and host Tom Alexander from the RV Advisor Podcast:  https://thervadvisor.com/rva-podcast-183-david-brannam-rv-water-filter-store/

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