How to Pet-Proof Your RV for Your Next Family Adventure

How to Pet-Proof Your RV for Your Next Family Adventure

RV trips are truly fun for the entire family. According to the RV Industry Association, “68% of RVers bring a pet along.” The vast majority of these individuals bring their dogs, while a few include their adventurous cats. If your family’s furry companion wants to join in on the excursion, be sure to take the proper steps to pet-proof your RV before your trip.

Use Covers on Furniture and Floors

As much as we love our pets, they tend to cause damage to our fabrics and upholstered surfaces. If you want to preserve the interior of your RV, consider covering your susceptible furniture items. This is a great way to repel large amounts of dirt and fur. It’s often best to use washable rugs or slips—these items are easy to wash afterward and can help prevent your pet from slipping when they’re resting on the surface.

Consider Using a Carrier or Kennel

While we want our pets in the front seat with us as we drive, it isn’t safe for them to do so. Additionally, allowing your pet to roam around the RV can result in serious injuries to them as well as distract you from driving. To keep them and yourself safe, it’s important that you keep them confined to a carrier or kennel as the vehicle is moving. This will ensure that they remain secure as the vehicle lurches and jostles.

Bring the Proper Equipment

Along with their favorite bed and toys, you should also pack enough travel-friendly pet items to get you through the trip. These essentials include flea and tick repellant, spill-proof food and water bowls, and adjustable harnesses for walking. These tools will protect your RV from needing additional cleaning and will ensure that your pet remains comfortable.

Help Them Get Accustomed

Before you let your pet join you on a road trip, it’s crucial that you teach them how to behave in the RV. New experiences can be jarring to animals, and getting them accustomed to the new sounds, smells, and movements will show them that they aren’t in danger. This will reduce the amount of anxiety your pet feels as well as reduce your worry as you take to the road.

Prepare Your RV

Before you begin traveling, it’s important to perform an audit of your RV—you want to make sure its systems are clean and in working order. As such, if you plan on bringing your furry friend with you, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your water system; you’ll need to ensure that you’re washing and providing your pet with clean water. Check out RV Water Filter Store’s stock of RV water softeners—these will make the campsite water safer and less likely to cause build-up in your RV’s pipes.