How Long Will Filters Last?

How Long Will Filters Last?

Filter Lifespan - written by Bradley Fontana

Filter lifespan depends largely on usage and source water quality. 

The following lifespans are based on two people living full time in their RV with average water usage and water qualities for city and well connections. Results may vary.

Types of filters

Sediment Filters (1st canister)

You’ll know to change or clean your sediment filter when you notice a decrease in water pressure throughout the RV. This is due to the sediment filter beginning to clog.  This filter will get replaced most often. Depending on sediment levels in the water, you’ll end up replacing this filter every few months. 

*Pro tip - Keeping a clean sediment filter will extend the life of other filters down line, as well as keep your water pressure at peak performance. 

A1108 Sediment Filter (1 micron)


Lifespan: 2-3 months 

A1105 Reusable Polyester Sediment Filter (1 micron)


Lifespan: 2-3 months per flush (flush up to 3 times)

*see Back Flush article for cleaning instructions *

Carbon Filters (2nd canister)

Carbon block filters work as both a sediment filter by removing physical particles from the water such as bacteria, as well as absorbing dissolved chemicals in the water such as chlorine and lead. Carbon block filters can go bad either by clogging or by exhausting their chemical absorption capabilities. 

You’ll know to replace your carbon block filter when replacing your sediment filter does not fix water pressure issues, or when you notice a poor taste caused by the increase of chemicals (chlorine) in the water. 

A1209 Carbon Block Filter (0.5 micron)


Lifespan: 3-4 months 

Specialty Filters

1405 Metal Trap 


Lasts ~14000 gallons (typically 3-6 months)

You’ll know to change the metal trap filter once you notice increased signs of dissolved metals in the water, ie, red/brown staining on appliances or a metallic taste in the water. Test strips are available to test for the amount of dissolved metals in the water. The metal trap filter lifespan depends largely on the source water and will deplete quicker if a higher dissolved metal content is present.

*note - see Maximum Contaminant Level Goals at bottom of this article for safe dissolved metal levels

A1415 Virus Hero (0.2 micron)


Lasts 9-12 months 

The Virus Hero filter is essentially an improved sediment filter, capable of filtering down to 0.2 microns which is able to remove many bacteria and viruses from the water. Because of the small micron rating of this filter, it will eventually clog after extended use. 

You’ll know to clean this filter whenever you notice a decrease in water pressure and replacing the other two filters does not fix  the issue. You can also visually inspect the filter.  If the white ribbing of the filter begins to develop color from usage, cleaning the filter will increase the efficiency and flow rate through the filter.

*See Backflush video for cleaning instructions *

Replace the filter every 12 months, when you notice any tears in the filter, or when backflushing does not properly clean the exterior of the filter.


The below chart is intended for use as a guideline for testing contaminant levels in water. 

Consult a doctor for recommendations if you have further health concerns. 

Test strips are available for testing contaminant levels. 

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (EPA)

Maximum Contaminant Level Goals 

Iron   0.3 mg/L

Manganese 0.05 mg/L

Copper 1.3 mg/L

Lead   0.0 mg/L

Sulfur 250 mg/L

Chlorine     4 mg/L

ClO2   0.8 mg/L

Fluoride   4.0 mg/L