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RV Water Filter Store: Portable, removable countertop water filters that attach to your 
sink faucet and have their own dispensers.  They utilize replaceable filter cartridges.

 Your Source for clean water on the go! 

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Information About:
    Water Filtration
    Water Flow & Pressure
    Choosing a System
    Choosing a Filter Cartridge
    Minerals &  Softeners
    Reverse Osmosis
    Glossary of Terms
Replacement Filter Cartridges:
     for Standard Canisters
            Sediment Cartridges
            Carbon Cartridges
            Combination Cartridges
            Specialty Cartridges


Note:  The Cartridges above will fit in FloPur, WaterPur, Culligan, Shurflo, Sears, Ametek, US Water, Premier and any other brand except Omni, which only fits sediment and C1 cartridges from us. 2012 and newer FR1 cartridges are proprietary and will not interchange.


     for Jumbo Canisters
     for Everpure Filters
     for Omnipure Q-Series & 3M RV Filters
     for Hydro-Life/Aqua-City/Pentek/
     Shurflo/FlowPur Inline Filters

     for Alpine & Alpenlite RVs

Systems & Components:
    Whole-RV Systems
       In-Line Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Jumbo Canisters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
    Drinking Water Systems
       Countertop Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Replaceable Cartridge Filters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
 Variable Speed RV Pumps/Delivery Pumps/
    RO Boost Pumps/Macerators/
    Accumulator Tanks 

    Pressure Regulators/Gauges
    Custom Quality Hoses
    Water Softeners &
    Mineral Removal

    Useful Gadgets

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RV Water Filter Store
45120 Highway 79
Aguanga CA  92536

Fulfillment Center

Wanda and Jeff Hicks

Foresthill CA  95631

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Yes, You CAN Have Good Clean Water While RVing!

You can have safe, clean, good-tasting, odorless water with plenty of pressure and flow wherever you go!

If you are looking for a new water filter system for your RV or need parts or replacement cartridges you'll find them here.  From faucet to faucet, we've got it covered.  In addition to water filters, you'll find hoses, pumps, regulators, water softeners, ultraviolet, reverse osmosis and much more.

Our products will solve your RV water problems because, after twenty-five years on the road we have found what works!  We used to participate in numerous RV shows and talk to countless customers, and have collected the products and techniques that work the best.  We now are kept busy operating the website and still answering questions on the phone and by e-mail.  Our warehouse fulfillment center is in northern California, operated by my sister and brother-in-law, Wanda and Jeff Hicks.  Our permanent residence is at Jojoba Hills SKP park in southern California.  Feel free to contact Rick, as needed.

You'll get more and better information and products than you'll find at Walmart or Home Depot and at very competitive prices! 



So, please look around the site.   We believe you will find what you need, but if not, hit the 'Ask Dave' button above and ask Dave about your problem.





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Thanks for visiting our web site, and Happy RVing!