Water Filter Systems and Accessories for Tiny Homes, Adventure Vans and Truck Campers

Welcome Off-Grid Adventure Vanners, tiny home owners and Truck Campers!

Adventure Van

Thank you for checking out our van life water filter products! We are here for your needs for off-grid camping and traveling the world in your cool vehicles!

What is different about Adventurers vs other RVers?

#Vanlife is a middle ground between tent camping and glamping in the big diesel pushers or 5th wheels. You have limited space, but you still need to have clean water for drinking and bathing. You primarily stay out of the RV parks except maybe to refill your water, dump your waste and take a long hot shower. Your water sources can range from crystal clear streams in the Rocky Mountains to the alkaline water of the Colorado in Southern Arizona to the Rust Belt by the Great Lakes. You normally take the water out of the source, filter it, and put it into your holding tank.

To be able to make sure you don't get sick from the water, you want to remove the bacteria and cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium), lead, other metals, pesticides, chlorine and other chemicals. You also want your truck camper or adventure van water filtering system to be compact, durable, powerful, and easy to maintain. Finally, you want to be able to carry replacement filters with you without adding a lot of weight and bulk. So... If we missed any requirements, PLEASE let me know. We LOVE your adventurous spirit and we are here for you. Below, you will find our selection of suggested van life water filter systems and accessories necessary for helping you last on your off-grid camping expeditions!

Mr and Mrs Adventure

When the Super Amazing Mr&MrsAdventure (aka Drew and Brittany) and We started to work together they needed a few tips about filtration for their van buildout, I pointed him to the products listed below— perhaps you’d appreciate them too.

The Essential System, Inside Mount has 1/2" pipe thread ports to make installation easy with 1/2" PEX pipe.  This is followed by the Ultrapure Premium Drinking water System.  This system will purify the water to a much greater degree than the point of entry systems and is usually mounted by itself under the sink.  For simplicity,  Mr and Mrs Adventure decided to mount the three filters in series and use the output as drinking water, and not filtering their main cold water source at the galley sink.  Here’s a video on their install and how much they are enjoying their new system - Unpacking starts at 5:27 followed by the actual installation.

Van Life Water Filter Products

Pumps and Strainers

From the water source in, you may need to pump your water from a lake or stream. Our non-variable speed pump is ideal for this application, giving you enough power to pull the water out of the source and drive it through the filters on the way to your holding tank. The you will need a gross filter first, before getting to the pump, then a screen on the input of the pump to clean the water enough for finer filtration. You will need a 12VDC pump for this, so you can use your vehicle battery to power it.

Point of Entry (POE) filter System - Essential System, Inside Mount

Essential System

Our most popular combo, the Essential System filters sediment down to 0.5 microns, and removes cysts, pesticides, VOCs, PFCs, chlorine, and taste/odor from the water. With this, you have done most of the work to get to clean, potable water. It can be used by the pump or mounted in your vehicle, as long as it is between the source and the holding tank.  Some of our friends like Mr and Mrs Adventure, fill their tank with shore water with no filtration, then filter it as they use it through a triple filter system with a ceramic filter added to the sediment and carbon filters contained in the Essential system.   They use an accumulator tank to beef up the rv pump pressure to through the filters.  

Water Tank Treatment -Purogene

If you want to be absloutely sure that no pathogens (bacteria, cysts, viruses)  are in your tank, you can use Purogene in the tank as an additive.   At 5 PPM, this amazing product killls

Essential System

 pathogens and algae as they enter your tank and remains resident for as long as you need - months if necessary.  This product is odorless and tasteless, and is approved by the EPA for drinking water systems.   It is far superior to chlorine bleach, which is great for killing organisms for a short time, but evaporates quickly and cannot be consumed directly.   

Purogene can be used to sanitize your whole system as well as an additive.  Don't forget your Oxistix to get the correct concentration of ClO2


Point of Use filter System -Ultrapure Premium Drinking Water System

Ultrapure Premium Drinking Water System

This product can be used as a low flow 1 gallon per minute drinking water system that feeds a drinking water faucet next to your main faucet.  This system removes bacteria, fluoride, arsenic, chloramines, glyphosates, lead and many other contaminants that are not easy to get for point of entry systems.   Without taking up a lot of space, using power for UV Light, generating heat or requiring a lot of maintenance, this system is perfect for the demands of #vanlife. 

 To get them all together, check out the Tiny Living Water Purification Bundle , which includes an Essential System, Ultrapure Premium system, Purogene and Oxistix

Thanks for checking us out, and see you on the road!