Three Step System

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Dave describes the three step process to make any water safe, clean and great tasting while on the road

Getting great water while on the road in your RV, boat or tiny home is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Step 1 is to filter all the water as it comes into your RV.  This step is the backbone of your filter system and, if done right, will remove the bulk of the sediment, chemicals and pathogens, improve the taste of the water and protect both you and your RV.

Step 2 is to soften your water by removing the dissolved calcium and magnesium from the water. This step is important in high alkaline regions to protect your plumbing from damage due to scaling, improve the water’s taste and reducing the pH of the water.

Step 3 is to get the next level of purity for your drinking water by removing bacteria, fluoride, chloramines and other hard to remove contaminants.   These systems are usually under the sink in the galley and the water is dispensed in a separate faucet.