The combination of the VIRUS HERO 0.2 Micron Absolute Filter and the RVWFS Essential F1Pb 10"x 2.5" 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter Cartridge filters particles down to 0.2 microns, which will help reduce and remove viruses, bacteria, as well as filter cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium) as well as keeping your plumbing clean of sediment.


Essential Whole RV Water Filter System - Virus Hero Inside Install (1/2" PEX)

Essential Whole RV Water Filter System - Virus Hero Inside Install (1/2" PEX)

Code: VH_2201_IS


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Product Description

Inside Install systems now come with standard 3/4" garden hose threads: Two SharkBite fittings are included in each package to convert the garden hose input/output fittings to 1/2" PEX lines.

Shutoff valve included to be installed on the inlet of the system. 

Inside Mounted Systems are designed as a post-tank filter.  Always install filters downline of waterpump. 

Dual Canister system that you can mount inside your wet bay or other inside storage area. 

Filter Order
1st canister - A1108 1 micron Sediment Filter
2nd canister - A1209 0.5 micron Carbon Block FilterDual Canister system that conveniently connects with 3/4" indoor piping, and can removes cysts (giardia), bacteria (e.coli, salmonella) and reduces viruses. Use in-line to filter water BEFORE it gets into your fresh water system, providing virtually pathogen free water 

3 canister system with Blue Cage Mounting Bracket
x2 A1108 sediment filters
x1 A1209 carbon block filter
x1 A1405 virus hero filter
x2 Sharkbite 1/2" PEX x 3/4" Garden Hose Thread Adapter
x1 Polypropelene Shutoff valve
x1 Canister Wrench
System Instructions