RV Water Filter Store was founded on the view that we ARE one of our customers, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with every RV’er, boater and tiny house owner who wants clean, safe water wherever they are.     

We value personalized customer service, whether you need advice on how to filter the water, regulate pressure or set up a reverse osmosis or UV system.   Ask Dave if you need help deciding what you need to solve your water problems.

We offer innovative, custom products that are lightweight, durable and also are very effective at removing all manner of materials from the water, whether it is sediment, dissolved iron and calcium, chlorine, taste and odor issues, or specific local issues.  We can also help you set up a system that can pull water out of a lake or river and make it sparkling clean.

Our Goal is for everyone to have clean water while traveling in a eco -friendly manner.  Plastic bottles are polluting the world, and we want to do anything we can do to avoid adding to this issue.

Check out our extensive product line, and don’t forget to visit the Learning Center, where you will find information you need to decide on the best system for you!