How to Successfully Work Remotely From Your RV

Traveling full time is the fantasy of many people, but only a rare few dare to embrace this nomadic lifestyle. On average, most employees work 9 to 5 jobs, fixed to their desks all year long.

However, present-day innovation changes those perspectives by permitting every other individual to fulfill their profound desires about traveling the world while working distantly. The way of life can be particularly rewarding on both an individual just as a monetary level.

In case you’re thinking about transforming your tedious in-office meeting schedules out into the full-time RVing way of life, finding a concrete type of revenue might be the absolute first hindrance you run into.

However, whatever RV idea you choose, low maintenance work can help supplement booked installments and make your outdoor life more extravagant and better than you expect. A recent report shows that nearly 5,000,000 individuals consider themselves wanderers who seek ways to get out of the rat race.

What can better than living in an RV with absolutely no terms and conditions? Most people who struggle while choosing a life full of freedom fall into IT, advertising, interchanges, website composition, technical support, and web-based instructing.

So, in this post, we will go into all the intricate details about how to secure positions out and about for RV living, including a portion of the lesser-realized difficulties confronting the individuals who work distantly.

18 Tips to Successfully Work Remotely From Your RV

If you think travelers and RV enthusiasts are stress-free souls who get money in their pocket with no effort or investment, then think again. Most of the people who have adopted life on an RV are travelers at heart who still want to work full-time in their chosen careers.

So, if you have a job that permits you to work distantly and autonomously, the RV way of life might be an excellent ticket for you to free yourself. Here are 17 straightforward tips to help you work remotely from your RV.

1.   Set Up Your Workspace

It is important to have a separate section dedicated to your workspace in the RV – preferably a small area that you can easily tuck away on travel days or on your off days when you simply need to unplug.

Choose an area that is well-lit, preferably with natural light. Moreover, make sure to choose comfortable, ergonomic seating and a storage-friendly work area space to keep your work things clean and well-organized. If you are looking for more appropriate cleanliness, then head on to the best carpet cleaning service for your RV.

While this is superb for your concentration and capacity to work through occasions regularly loaded with interferences, it’s also significant not to get too finicky about it as this can bring about severe pressure regarding work.

Without a doubt, a quiet and distraction-free working spot will invigorate your brain and make you more energetic.

2.   Stay Connected

Search for campsites that offer WIFI on location (typical at camping areas these days). However, you must understand that network dependability can differ. A general guideline is to have an excellent data plan along with your standard internet connection.

In any situation where your work requires substantial data transmission or video-real time ability, try to book campsites nearer to metropolitan or towns to find fast WIFI and information network that is accessible easily.

3.   Keep a Backup Power Source

With any outing, there is a chance of getting affected by certain unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, you must plan for contingencies.

Regardless of whether you are a full-time RV person or working distantly from your “satellite office” on occasion, help yourself and get an external drive and add an auxiliary gadget as a reinforcement to your PC/Laptop.

While distributed computing can be a decent alternative, it depends on a web network, which might be accessible wherever you camp. Saving your work to a secondary device backup will come in handy if you end up losing original data due to some inconvenience.  

Furthermore, do not delay charging your gadgets to avoid disruptions. Bring along at least one substantial outer battery and force connectors to get everything topped up in any event, even if you are out between campgrounds or fields. 

4.   Use the View to Inspire Your Work

In an unorthodox workplace, it is comparatively challenging to focus on work. Make sure to use nature, work outside, and enjoy the views while you work! It is undoubtedly one of the numerous advantages of working distantly.

Many offices have the traditional get-away office retreat meant to boost employees’ morale. A few people work by their windows; however, there is very little to see in the suburbs.

With your RV’s, you get to enjoy different terrains and natural beauty all the time, all from your comfort zone inside the RV. Stunning waterways, lush forests, and even the enormous open desert can play their part in energizing you and letting you do your best work.

5.   Finding the Right Campsites

Only one out of every ten camping areas will prove to be ideal for your RV working life, particularly during specific seasons. Since you are going for a tranquil retreat against a recreation excursion, evaluating every single factor is critical to pick the correct spot to stop and work in your RV.

Your first objective should be to maintain a strategic distance from party destinations and spots where people usually gather for recreation. Secondly, make sure that the campsite has access to electricity, internet, and water.

Finally, call beforehand to ensure there will be a spot for you to work and enjoy both.

6.   Necessary Items

Notwithstanding your computer, there are fundamentals and pleasant to-haves that will make your days go smoothly. Contingent upon the kind of work you do, you’ll most likely need high-speed Internet access with a hearty information plan, a subsequent screen, noise-canceling, earphones, and storage for all your office gear.

A solar backpack for charging gadgets in a hurry and a screen protector for the protection channel of your screen is essential. In addition, an extra hard drive gives you extra storage to back up your data.

If your work requires a printer/scanner or particular gear like cameras, assemble capacity needs into your RV space and thoroughly consider how you will get delicate hardware during movement.

7.   Keep Track of Your Time Zone

When going in a camper van or RV, you may regularly cross-time regions. You would prefer not to miss a significant work call coincidentally, so keep a tracker to know where your exact location is and the time zone of that place.

If you are working with an organization, then the time zone of the place of that organization must also be kept in mind. The time zone could be different from where you are, and thus to be professional, keeping abreast of the time is essential.

Moreover, it can help you communicate with others as well. In case you have meetings with people in different time zones, you can coordinate by knowing your own time zone.

8.   Remember to Remain Light

You would prefer not to over-burden your camper van with unnecessary things. Keeping your RV light and comfortable can make it easy for you both to move around and manage the things inside.

9.   Stay Longer at Every Place

When adjusting travel and work, think about investing more energy in each spot and less time traveling to and from different camp spots. This might be less engaging if you feel like it’s a significant world with parts to see. 

Thus, recall that you’ve focused on a way of life that permits you to take as much time as necessary to see as many places as you need on your bucket list. So, take as much time as is required and truly appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Give your time and attention to your plans before or after movement time, so you have additional ‘center’ time distributed during the week to complete your work. Despite living in an RV, it is necessary to stick to spots longer rather than moving constantly.

10.        Keep a Permanent Location

It is a smart thought to keep a permanent location on record with the mailing station so you can, in any case, get mail (individual or business-related). This is significant for charge purposes since you will visit various states while bringing in cash.

Moreover, having picked a “headquarters” state in which you will pay duties will help rearrange your far-off life. Even the people in the military who always are posted to other regions have a certain permanent location.

Always being on the go often makes it hard to deal with others. The people, who move around a lot, face the issue of losing important stuff. Having a permanent location to keep your documents and other items safe is necessary.

You can have your permanent location anywhere. It can be the house that you lived in or the house that is owned by any of your family members or close friends. This will not only help in managing your mail and documents but also keep you stress-free.

11.        Invest in Reliable Internet

It is necessary to invest in the reliable internet to tackle the situation which otherwise might sound scary. Do you recall seeing certain characters in the movies stuck in the woods with no access to the outside world due to bad signals? This is exactly like that.

A reliable internet connection ensures safety. The major requirement of working remotely is a stable internet connection, and if you do not have that, then most of the tasks in your to-do-list would be left incomplete.

12.        Backup Data Plan

There must be a backup data plan for the data that you have because living a nomadic life can be unpredictable. It is necessary to have a backup data plan in case our primary internet connection fails. One option is to get a connection from two or more internet service providers. Another is to get a USB data stick and router.

13.        Stick to a Schedule

Having a schedule is necessary as it can help you plan out all of your activities. Living by yourself can get you into a messy lifestyle where you sleep, eat, work and repeat whenever you want to.

This sounds like a plan for vacations, but for normal days, a schedule is necessary. Having proper working hours can do wonders for your work performance.

Some people do not give much importance to planning until they start doing it and hence realize how important it is to plan things. Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate working hours.

It is necessary to stick to each task that is written in the schedule. A schedule can help to combat procrastination in the concerning lifestyle.

14.        Do not Work from Your Bed

The people who are RVing can fall into a lazy lifestyle where procrastination embraces people all the time. The people might start eating and working on the bed.

Opening your laptop right after you wake up and start working on meeting all the deadlines can be a possibility. This possibility should not be allowed to become a reality or lifestyle.

If you dress up as you would, if you would have to be physically present in an office, you would feel more motivated. Having the correct attitude is everything when you begin working distantly. Eliminate Distractions:

15.        Buy a Signal Booster

A signal booster commonly consists of a donor antenna that receives and transmits signals. When the signals are poor, a signal booster becomes a dire need. The signal boosters enhance the working of signals and increase their working.  

In the areas where the signals are very poor, it is hard to connect to the internet. A signal booster comes in handy as it amplifies the signals and makes it possible for you to work even in the most remote areas.

16.        Use Tools to Manage Workflow

Several tools can be used to manage the workflow and maintain your work efficiency while on the road. You should save your work in the applications/ software which supports both offline and online work.

Google docs, Slack, and Trello, are great examples of tools that can make it easy for you to work and stay efficient in your mobile workplace. Utilizing these tools can help you stay both organized and professional while living in an RV and having the time of your life.

17.        Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

The gig economy refers to short-term projects or freelancing opportunities. While you are on the road, small gigs can help you earn more alongside your regular job.

There are several websites, such as Fiver, Elance, and Odesk, etc., which provide these part-time/ temporary jobs and projects. This is the most crucial part of working remotely, as it enables you to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Since you are living in an RV and can make a schedule for your day yourself, you are blessed with a tremendous opportunity to earn maximum through these gigs or paid projects. Along With a regular job, you can also earn through these other measures.

Final Verdict

 If you have been wishing to give your dull and bland life a boost up, choosing to work from an RV is undoubtedly the right choice. However, you must keep a few things in mind when making this life choice. You must set up a proper workspace where you can have all the necessary items and work easily.

Secondly, make sure to stay connected with the world to get and deliver work, remain connected to your friends and family, and contact relevant authorities in case of an emergency. While living in an  RV, a backup power source is necessary in case you lose power due to any reason.

Choosing the campsite wisely is also advised as it can help to keep you fresh and motivated just by looking at the beautiful sceneries outside. Furthermore, make sure not to move a lot and stay at certain places for a considerable period.

Having a reliable internet connection and backup data plan helps in the smooth functioning of your work performance. Having a proper schedule for your daily tasks can also help in getting things done on time. You should dress up before working instead of working from bed.

Having a signal booster helps in making the connections possible even in areas where signals are poor. Moreover, all the distractions must be removed, and project management tools should be used to work efficiently.

The RV lifestyle provides one with a chance to chase many opportunities at once, and one of them is earning maximum through the gig economy by getting your hands on different short or temporary projects.

Living in an RV can be a great chance to groom one’s personality and lifestyle. With all the aforementioned guidelines and tips, living in an RV can be a worthwhile experience for you.

Follow these tips to work efficiently while traveling the world!