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  • Dirty Water

    What’s in YOUR water? And How do you remove it?

    When you are mobile, in a boat, an RV or a tiny house, unless you are in the pristine mountains, it can often be difficult to find clean, safe, good tasting water.   In the Southwest there is so much calcium and magnesium in the water that you can’t get a lather in the shower […]



    Q&A WEDNESDAY  is a weekly feature where I share some of the questions that I have received in the previous week, or some of the common questions I get often.   If you have a question, you can click HERE and send in your question, or leave it in the comments below. – RV Water Doc […]

  • Dave and Tracey Brannam, RV Water Filter Store

    Our First Blogpost – Introducing the RV Water Doc

    Hello Fellow Nomadics! This is the RV Water Doc.   I am here to help spread the word about water. Whether you are RV’ing, boating or living in your tiny home, finding clean, safe water can be a challenge.   This blog will talk about how to clean out contaminants, soften the water, pump the […]


Dave and Tracey Brannam

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