This system is a low cost system that is designed for the weekend RV’er who loves the convenience of a Camco in-line filter with better sediment coverage, more carbon / KDF coverage and better flow. It is attached directly to the spigot, then connected to the RV with a hose

For the COMPLETE system, you will need hoses to connect to your RV. We carry VERY HIGH Quality hoses customized to your specifications for length, color and fitting type. Also, whatever solution you come up with needs a Water Pressure Regulator. For my recommendation for an excellent total solution, check out the BASIC System - Total Solution

BASIC  System

BASIC System



Model: K5667
Flow: 3 GPM
Microns: 25 Micron
Life: 2500 Gallons
Class: Class 1
Material: Granulated Activated Carbon and KDF
Primary Function: In line filter for chlorine, taste/odor, pesticides, lead and heavy metals

Product Description

For compact size, long life and simplicity, we offer this customized filter from Omnipure. It has a 25 micron filter disc to remove sediment, granular carbon for taste-and-odor improvement, and it includes KDF to make it bacteriostatic to prevent stagnation during storage.

This system is an in-line filter that is simple to connect. It contains granulated carbon and KDF to filter chlorine, VOC's, taste/odor, lead and heavy metals. This is similar to the Camco in-line filters, but is larger to provide more filtration, longer life, while filtering sediment down to 25 microns vs 100 microns for the Camco.


   1 Omnipure K5667 GAC/KDF in-line filter with Hose fittings


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