Step 3 - Ultra Pure Water - Under Sink System


Dave Describes Step 3 of our 3 step process -Ultra Pure water with Under Sink System

(see below products for transcript)

Ultrapure Premium Under Sink System

Single Canister, White, with Mounting Bracket, wrench, with fittings for hook-up to cold water faucet and a separate dispenser. This system comes with our best cartridge filter. the Doulton D-UC, with both Carbon and Ceramic filtration. The  AquaCera CeraMetix utilizes a ceramic shell, but also incorporates a solid block carbon core which covers for fluoride and arsenic, chloramines, all bacteria, and lead and heavy metals. [View Product Details]

Flow 1 GPM
Microns 0.9 Absolute
Life 12-24 months
Class Class 1
Material Ceramic Shell and Carbon block