Jumbo Special Cartridges

Specialized BIRM Resin for Iron and manganese removal [View Product Details]

Flow: 2-4 gpm
Life: Varies based on usage
Material: Resin
Primary Function: Removes IRON and other metals

Calcium and magnesium removal resin Specialty resin for water softening. Can be regenerated with salt or replaced with new media. [View Product Details]

Model: HR-1 BB
Flow: 3 gpm
Life: Variable based on hardness of water and use
Material: Calcium and magnesium removal resin
Primary Function: Removes dissolved calcium and magnesium

Specialty resin for iron, lead and heavy metals and other metals at very high flow [View Product Details]

Model: Metal Trap -BB
Flow: 5 gpm
Life: Up to 14000 gallons
Material: Resin
Primary Function: Removes Iron and other metals - for Jumbo Canister

Doulton RIO 2000 Complete Module with 6 Ceramic Candles. Complete bacteria removal. Cleanable, 5 GPM max. [View Product Details]

Model: RIO 2000
Flow: 5 gpm max
Microns: 0.5 absolute
Life: 6 months - 3 years
Class: Class 1
Material: Ceramic
Primary Function: Remove Bacteria and Cysts with higher flow - suitable for Whole RV systems