Specialty Cartridges

Our lineup includes specialty cartridges for iron and manganese, fluoride, arsenic, deionization of minerals, phosphate crystal for reduction of scale, and nitrates. Each cartridge is limited to the specific contaminant it is rated for. Flow will vary as to the effectiveness in these standard size specialty cartridges. We are happy to add to our lineup of specialty cartridges, the Metal Trap filter from HydroPure. This iron and other metals rated cartridge has been very effective in the field at removing tough iron situations at a better flow and longer life than other options. They cost more but extended life and effectiveness should make it a worthwhile option for those facing heavy iron situations.

Metal Trap cartridges have a specialty media designed to remove iron and manganese, and many more metals. The Metal Trap cartridge has an exceptional effectiveness on iron at a higher flow. It will remove the iron at the fastest flow you can get through, and is expected to last longer than BIRM [View Product Details]

Model: Metal Trap
Flow: 3 gpm
Life: Up to 6000 gallons
Material: Resin
Primary Function: Removes Iron and other metals

Birm cartridges have a specialty media designed to remove iron and manganese, Removal percentage will depend on flow rate, slower flow meaning higher level of removal. The cartridge is capable of enough flow rate to use for the whole RV, although the total effectiveness will be reduced as flow reaches maximum capacity. [View Product Details]

Model: BIRM
Flow: 1-3 gpm
Life: Varies based on usage
Material: BIRM Resin
Primary Function: Removes IRON and other metals

Doulton and AquaCera ceramic cartridges are recognized leaders in sub-micron filtration. They remove sediment, bacteria and cysts, and are bacteriostatic. The Imperial Sterasyl cartridge is a plain ceramic shell and covers all bacteria. This cartridge is cleanable and reusable [View Product Details]

Model: D-ST (Imperial Sterasyl)
Flow: 2 gallons/minute
Microns: 0.9 absolute
Life: reusable
Class: I
Material: ceramic
Primary Function: Removes Bacteria and Cysts in Drinking Water Systems

The Ultracarb cartridge utilizes a ceramic shell, but also incorporates a solid block carbon core. This is now the AquaCera CeraMetix carbon block that also covers for fluoride and arsenic, chloramines, all bacteria, and lead and heavy metals. [View Product Details]

Model: D-UC
Flow: 1 gpm
Microns: 0.9 absolute
Life: 12-24 months
Class: Class 1
Material: Ceramic with AquaCera CeraMetix solid block carbon
Primary Function: Removes Chlorine taste/odor, Chemicals and pesticides, arsenic, Fluoride, chloramines, Bacteria, Cysts, lead and heavy metals in Drinking Water Systems

Resin media that increases RO water PH levels from acidic to neutral or slightly above to alkaline, providing protection for metal appliances, such as the copper in the Aqua-hot heat exchanger. [View Product Details]

Model: PS-3C
Flow: 0.5 gpm
Life: N/A
Material: Resin
Primary Function: Adds PH to RO water to balance

Model: HR-1 Aqualine Class: N/A Flow: .5-3 gpm Life: N/A Material: Resin media that removes calcium and magnesium, making softer water. Regenerated with salt, or replaced with new media. Use minimum flow for maximum removal. In real hard water, capacity is minimal, due to small size versus larger RV water softener. . [View Product Details]

Phosphate cartridges are designed to reduce lime and scale buildup in your water heater and plumbing. Since it combines food-grade phosphate crystals with granulated carbon, it also helps reduce taste-and-odor contaminants in your water. [View Product Details]

Model: RV-PH
Flow: 3 gallons/minute
Life: 6 months
Class: Class III
Material: Phosphate with granular activated carbon

RV- DI filter with resin beads. Designed to remove calcium and other minerals from a small amount of water. [View Product Details]

Model: RV-DI
Flow: 0.5 gpm
Microns: N/A
Life: N/A
Class: N/A
Material: resin beads
Primary Function: Mineral Removal

Activated Alumina cartridges are designed to remove natural Fluoride and Arsenic 5, but not Arsenic 3. The highest levels of removal will be at low flow rates for use as a drinking water filter. The ceramic D-UC from AquaCera with the CeraMetix block is more complete for Fluoride and Arsenic removal, plus other contaminants. [View Product Details]

Model: AAL
Flow: 0.25-0.5 gpm
Microns: N/A
Life: 6-12 months
Material: Activated Alumina
Primary Function: Remove Arsenic and Fluoride

Arsenex cartridges are designed to remove Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5. The highest levels of removal will be at low flow rates for use as a drinking water filter. These cartridges are made to order and have a six month shelf life. [View Product Details]

Flow: 0.25 - 0.5 gpm
Life: 6-12 months
Material: Resin
Primary Function: Remove Arsenic