Build your own custom hose! Our Hoses are made of durable PVC Compound material that is rated for 200 PSI and guaranteed not to kink or bulge. You can choose the length, the color and the fittings that you would like! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Custom Hose


The first link in your water supply chain is the hose connecting your RV to the water source. The hose you use will have a great deal of impact on both your water quality and supply. Regular garden hoses are not designed for use with potable water, and they often contribute an unpleasant odor and taste to your water. They may also leach chemicals into your water that could affect your health. Poor quality hoses will often restrict your water flow. In addition to these water quality problems, hoses may also severely restrict the flow of water into your RV. Low quality hoses, even those designed for potable water service, can collapse and pinch, restricting your water flow. Many have cheap plastic or metal fittings that leak and are difficult to use. Our hoses are premium quality and are built tough! The hoses we sell are made of rugged industrial-strength hose with a high-strength PVC lining designed for potable water. The fittings are solid machined hex style brass, and are all high-quality industrial-grade fittings. These hoses will stand up to sunlight and much abuse and will not restrict your flow. They are rated for 200 PSI. You won't find a better hose anywhere, and you won't be sorry you bought the best! We offer a low-lead solid machined brass fitting and a lead-free brass hose fitting that looks just like our standard brass fittings, but are made with the far more expensive lead-free brass. Different lengths of hose will make your hook-up a breeze! If you do a lot of traveling, you've found that the distance from your rig to the water hookup varies greatly. That's why we make various lengths of 1/2" hose. The distance between your external filter location and the inlet to your RV can vary greatly, as well. We can build your hose with the same fittings on each end, or with only one end, such as for reel replacements. Contact us for custom lengths or special fitting requests. We only offer 1/2", as our tests have shown that size will flow much more than what you can use in an RV. The standard size of 1/2" is much easier to roll up and store, takes up less space and flows plenty enough water for RV use. This is why it is the preferred size that RV manufacturers use when hose is used, and the same ID as standard PEx pipe used in almost all RVs. The real culprit to rob you of flow and/or pressure, is filter choices and regulators that are designed to restrict pressure and flow. [View Product Details]