Drinking Water Systems

These Products are designed for use under the sink or on the counter. Most have slower flow and many use a separate dispenser faucet

Single Canister, White, with Mounting Bracket, wrench, with fittings for hook-up to cold water faucet and a separate dispenser. This system comes with our best cartridge filter. the Doulton D-UC, with both Carbon and Ceramic filtration. The  AquaCera CeraMetix utilizes a ceramic shell, but also incorporates a solid block carbon core which covers for fluoride and arsenic, chloramines, all bacteria, and lead and heavy metals. [View Product Details]

Flow: 1 GPM
Microns: 0.9 Absolute
Life: 12-24 months
Class: Class 1
Material: Ceramic Shell and Carbon block
Primary Function: Removes Chlorine taste/odor, Chemicals and pesticides, arsenic, Fluoride, chloramines, Bacteria, Cysts, lead and heavy metals

Standard Drinking Water RO System

Standard Drinking Water RO System

 1) 50 gallon per day membrane
 2) Three or four gallon tank
 3) Chrome faucet
 4) Auto shutoff
 5) Manual shutoff
 6) All fittings and tubing
 7) Three canisters with mounting brackets
 8) 1 SED-5 cartridge
 9) 1 SED-1 cartridge
10) 1 Kx-5 carbon block cartridge

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