Customizations for your RO System

"Boondocker Option" two shutoff valves and one tee; used to divert brine back to freshwater or to drain. Extra 1/4" tubing will be required. [View Product Details]

Primary Function: Routes RO Waste water back into fresh water tank. Used with Drinking Water RO system

Icemaker Option. One valve and one tee. [View Product Details]

Primary Function: Tee to route filtered water to refrigerator

Aquatec 6800 12 VDC pressure-boost pump and switch [View Product Details]

Voltage: 12VDC

36 GPD replacement RO Membrane [View Product Details]

Primary Function: Replacement RO Membrane for 36 GPD System

TDS meter for measuring the total dissolved solids in water. Monitor the performance of your RO system, and check the quality of your tap water. 0 - 1999 ppm [View Product Details]

Primary Function: Measure Total Dissolved Solids in Water - RO should be 0-20 when new

Upgrade Faucet from Chrome to Brushed Nickel [View Product Details]