Omnipure K5667 with 3/4" brass hose fittings for Whole RV in line Filtration
Omnipure K5667 filter with  hose Fittings

Omnipure K5667 filter with hose Fittings

Code: B1001


Model: K5667
Flow: 3 gpm
Microns: 25 micron
Life: 2500 gallons
Class: Class 1
Material: Granulated Activated Carbon with KDF
Primary Function: In line filter for chlorine, taste/odor, pesticides, lead and heavy metals

Product Description

For compact size, long life and simplicity, we offer this customized filter from Omnipure. It has a 25 micron filter disc to remove sediment, granular carbon for taste-and-odor improvement, and it includes KDF to make it bacteriostatic to prevent stagnation during storage.