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Replacement Filter Cartridges:
     for Standard Canisters
            Sediment Cartridges
            Carbon Cartridges
            Combination Cartridges
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Note:  The Cartridges above will fit in FloPur, WaterPur, Culligan, Shurflo, Sears, Ametek, US Water, Premier and any other brand except Omni, which only fits sediment and C1 cartridges from us.


     for Jumbo Canisters

     for Everpure Filters

     for Omnipure Q-Series

     for Hydro-Life/Aqua-City/Pentek/
    Shurflo/Shurflo Inline Filters

     for Alpine & Alpenlite RVs

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Systems & Components:
Water Softeners & Mineral Removal

Most RVers have encountered mineral-rich (or "hard") water at one time or another, and for many, that's all they ever get.  Minerals in water can produce several undesirable effects, such as:

  • Scale buildup on plumbing fixtures
  • Premature failure of your water heater due to deposits
  • White spots on newly-washed glassware and vehicles
  • Soaps and shampoos that don't produce suds
  • Dry skin and itchy scalp

For an in-depth explanation of minerals in water and the systems available to remove them, go here.

The following are systems you can install in your RV water system to eliminate or reduce the effects of excessive minerals.

Water Softeners
De-ionization Systems
Phosphate Filter Cartridges
Reverse Osmosis

Water Softeners

Water softeners are designed to "soften" the water by removing "hard" minerals.  They work well and are widely used.  We have two lines of water softeners designed specifically for RV use.  Our lines of softeners are most efficient used with sodium chloride (NaCl), but can be used with potassium chloride (KCI).   All of our water softeners require recharging periodically, and this can be done manually, semi-automatically (without power) or automatically (which requires electrical power).  We sell the Water Packer Travelsoft units with semi-automatic or fully automatic valves for regeneration.  For those that prefer the reasonable cost of a manual unit, we carry three models of "On The Go" brand softeners that use table salt for easy regeneration and refillable DI tanks, as well.  We also carry the original portable manual RV water softener, Travelsoft.  The larger the softener, the less time between charges.  This chore is not difficult, but most prefer not to do it any more often than necessary, thus the various sizes we offer that will extend the time between manual regenerations, depending on the size model chosen.  The number of grains listed gives you a potential capacity to help choose the best model for you.

Important Note about Shipping Charges:  Water softeners are big and bulky, so we have them drop-shipped to you from the factory via UPS or FedEx to save you money.  The shipping charge that our ordering system indicates is substantially higher than the amount we will actually charge you.  So, for any orders that include a water softener, ignore the shipping charge indicated by the shopping cart.  If you'd like an accurate shipping charge on such orders, please contact us.  Thanks.




"On The Go" standard model manual portable water softener.  This unit is 6 3/4" diameter and 22" tall.  It is rated at 8000 grains.  It is recharged using plain table salt through a large opening for easy maintenance and minimal storage of regeneration material.  It comes with adapters for easy backwash and convenient shutoff.  It is fitted with hose connections for easy hookup.  $20.50 shipping by UPS.



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"On The Go" double standard model manual portable water softener.  This unit is 9" diameter and 22" tall.  It is rated at 16000 grains.  It is recharged using plain table salt through a large opening for easy maintenance and minimal storage of regeneration material.  It comes with adapters for easy backwash and convenient shutoff.  It is fitted with hose connections for easy hookup. $30 shipping by UPS.



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"On The Go" park model manual recharge water softener.  This unit is 7" in diameter and 44" tall.  It is rated at 32000 grains.  It is recharged using plain table salt through a large opening for easy maintenance and minimal storage of regeneration material.  It comes with adapters for easy backwash and convenient shutoff.  It is fitted with hose connections for easy hookup.  This is good for those that prefer a manual softener but want maximum capacity between regenerations.  $40 shipping by UPS.



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Travelsoft RV 1200, manual charge, 26" tall, 10" diameter, 31 pounds. The new base is closer to 12" in diameter.  Rated at 10,000 grains.  $28 shipping by UPS.



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Replacement drain assembly for Travelsoft 1200 manual water softeners.  New model is made of brass with a plastic valve.  This is to prevent breaking the assembly off at the tank.



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Travelsoft replacement valve



Replacement gray drain valve for 2010 and newer model Travelsoft 1200.



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Water Packer
RV1200e-c conversion kit. The 10" diameter by 17" tall brine tank and timer valve to enable semi-automatic
recharging of a Travelsoft 1200. (softener not incl)  Shipping by UPS.
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Water Packer RV1600e, 22" tall, 10" diameter,
37 pounds. Rated at 16,000 grains.  17" tall brine tank.  Larger unit, semi-automatic controls. Includes brine tank.  Shipping by UPS.
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  Electric 5-cycle timer valve to fully automate recharging of the 1600e.  It is for a new system only and replaces the standard semi-automatic Erie wind up valve shown above. $50.00 Buy It!
Model: RV-PH
Class: III
Flow:  3 gallons/minute
Life: 6 months
Material: Phosphate with
granular activated carbon
$19.95 Buy It!
Model: RV-KDF/GAC-10"
Microns:  N/A
Class: I
Flow:  2.5 gallons/minute
Life: 12-24 months
Material:  granular activated carbon with KDF
Notes: Bacteriostatic, good for intermittent use.  Scale inhibitor.

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Model: HR-1 Aqualine
Class: N/A
Flow:  .5-3 gpm
Life: N/A
Material:  Resin media that removes calcium and magnesium, making softer water.   Regenerated with salt, or replaced with new media. Use minimum flow for maximum removal.  In real hard water, capacity is minimal, due to small size versus larger RV water softener.

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RC Jumbo Canister BIRM BB

Model: HR-1-BB
Class: N/A
Microns:  N/A
Life: Varies on use and hardness level.
Material:  Calcium and magnesium removal resin
Notes: Specialty resin for water softening.  3 gpm  flow rate.  Can be regenerated with salt or replaced with new media.
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Class: N/A
Flow:  0.5 gallons/minute
Life: N/A
Material: resin beads
Notes:  De-ionization cartridges remove minerals from water through the use of special resin beads.  It is a relatively low-flow unit with a limited capacity, best used where only a small quantity of mineral-free water is needed. It is often used to apply a final rinse to cars & RVs thus eliminating water spots.


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  A surprisingly good solution to a bothersome problem.

Despite the naysaying, we have found that magnets actually DO work to reduce the effects of minerals. They do NOT remove the mineral, but rather polarize the molecules thus causing less scale and the other problems. The effects of magnets do not last very long, so it is best to install them very close to where the water will be used. They are very inexpensive, do not cost anything to run, do not impair your water flow, and last indefinitely.  The Multi-Soft RV 2000 magnets are super-strong ceramic magnets. For "average" hard water, we recommend installing one RV 2000 magnet set on the incoming water line and one more on the water heater outlet. In areas with very hard water (AZ, TX, and FL), install two sets of magnets on the incoming water line and one on the water heater outlet. You'll be amazed at how well they work.

Multi-Soft RV 2000 magnets
One set  $29.95 Buy It!
Reverse Osmosis for Whole RV

This has proven to be very popular for those that wish to make a nice mineral free purified water for the whole RV.  It does require using the onboard tank and pump, even though you are on hookups.  But this is the ultimate for water that is drinkable and takes away spots and other scale related issues, as well as the very difficult iron problems that occur in some areas.  We have numerous options to consider.  Take a look at the page for whole RV RO systems.  Below is just an example of the standard system that may be fine for some, although membrane sizes, boost pumps, and automatic controls are available choices..

Standard Package Includes:
Basic Package above,
  2) Triple-canister filter housings with 3/4" brass fittings,             
2 - RV-SED5
5-micron sediment filter cartridges, 
2 - RV-SED1
1-micron sediment filter cartridges,
  5) 1- CBC-10 solid block carbon filter cartridge
  6) Canister wrench,
  7) Mounting bracket,
  8) bypass valve,
  9) instructions



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