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Replacement Filter Cartridges:
     for Standard Canisters
            Sediment Cartridges
            Carbon Cartridges
            Combination Cartridges
            Specialty Cartridges


Note:  The Cartridges above will fit in FloPur, WaterPur, Culligan, Shurflo, Sears, Ametek, US Water, Premier and any other brand except Omni, which only fits sediment and C1 cartridges from us.


     for Jumbo Canisters

     for Everpure Filters

     for Omnipure Q-Series

     for Hydro-Life/Aqua-City/Pentek/
    Shurflo/Shurflo Inline Filters

     for Alpine & Alpenlite RVs

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Systems & Components: Drinking Water Systems
Replaceable Cartridge Filters

If you want to install an undersink filter system for your drinking water supply, we offer several systems. The Omnipure Q-Series system is compact, high-performance, and we highly recommend it.  We also offer the standard inline style filter like many RV manufacturers use, which is available in the GS-10 or cyst rated K2520.  We also offer the 3M company RV/marine filters that are being picked up by a number of RV manufacturers.  

Omnipure Q-Series
A Cut Above the Standard Systems

If you want top-quality filtration for your drinking water, but don't have a lot of extra space, this system from Omnipure is perfect. It offers :

  • very compact size and easy installation

  • an automatic shutoff feature while changing cartridges so you don't have to worry about water spills

  • two very good cartridges to choose from.

The QSB cartridge is constructed of solid-block carbon with KDF. It has a 1-micron rating and will remove taste-and-odor contaminants, as well as giardia and cryptosporidium cysts. It is bacteriostatic, making it ideal for intermittent RV use.

The QCR cartridge combines a Doulton ceramic element and granular carbon to remove even more potentially harmful contaminants, including E. coli, salmonella, cholera, and shigella.

These systems come with everything you'll need to install them, including the filter with a  mounting bracket, the water supply quick-connect fittings and tubing, a chrome dispenser faucet, and one extra replacement cartridge. 

              3M RV/Marine Filter Systems

These systems are designed for easy installation and cartridge removal like the Omnipure Q-series.  3M has a big following among RV manufacturers for numerous products and are a natural for them to use their water filtration line.  We have the USF-C undersink which comes complete with a dispenser faucet.  This one covers cysts.  We have the US-B1 that can be plumbed to the cold water faucet on the sink or to a separate dispenser faucet.  This one includes all bacteria.  We have the WV-B2 that is designed for whole RV filtration.  This one includes all bacteria.  The 3M products are high quality and backed by Cuno Corporation, a division of 3M company.


         Pentair or Omnipure Inline Filters

These simple in-line 2"x10" filters are the style that many RV manufacturers have used for many years.  We offer these with push-in  style fittings to make a fairly easy replacement and installation.  The actual replacement will involve both hands on the fittings to release the filter, whereas the Omnipure Q-series and 3M products are a one handed effort.  Obviously, the location of the installation will mean a lot as to how easy your replacements will be.  The Pentair GS-10 is taste and odor and prevents stagnation during storage, as do all these undersink filters that we offer.  The Omnipure K2520 has the same coverage but with a 1 micron carbon block that gives cyst reduction.



Omnipure Q-Series
Under-Sink Filter System
plus 2 QSB cartridges

$ 99.95 Buy It!
Omnipure Q-Series
Under-sink Filter System
plus 2 QCR cartridges w/carbon
$119.95 Buy It!
Omnipure Q-Series
Under-sink Filter System
plus 2 QCR cartridges w/ no carbon
$109.95 Buy It!
  Pentair GS-10 inline filter w/chrome faucet and all fittings to install. $59.95 Buy It!
  Omnipure K2520 inline filter w/chrome faucet and all fittings to install. $66.95 Buy It!