RV Water Filter Store: Portable, removable countertop water filters that attach to your 
sink faucet and have their own dispensers.  They utilize replaceable filter cartridges.

 Your Source for clean water on the go!

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Information About:
    Water Filtration
    Water Flow & Pressure
    Choosing a System
    Choosing a Filter Cartridge
    Minerals &  Softeners
    Reverse Osmosis
    Glossary of Terms
Replacement Filter Cartridges:
     for Standard Canisters
            Sediment Cartridges
            Carbon Cartridges
            Combination Cartridges
            Specialty Cartridges


Note:  The Cartridges above will fit in FloPur, WaterPur, Culligan, Shurflo, Sears, Ametek, US Water, Premier and any other brand except Omni, which only fits sediment and C1 cartridges from us.


     for Jumbo Canisters
     for Everpure Filters
     for Omnipure Q-Series
     for Hydro-Life/Aqua-City/Pentek/
    Shurflo/Shurflo Inline Filters

     for Alpine & Alpenlite RVs

Systems & Components:
    Whole-RV Systems
       In-Line Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Jumbo Canisters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
    Drinking Water Systems
       Countertop Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Replaceable Cartridge Filters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
 Variable Speed RV Pumps/Delivery Pupms/
    RO Boost Pumps/Macerators/
    Accumulator Tanks 

    Pressure Regulators/Gauges
    Custom Quality Hoses
    Water Softeners &
    Mineral Removal

    Useful Gadgets



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About:  Our Founders

Hi. We're Rick and Lynn Dahl, and we own and operate the RV Water Filter Store. While RVing full-time, no less. Perhaps you have seen us or met us at one of the many RV shows that we attend around the country. After fourteen years of full-time RVing, we have encountered a wide range of problems with the water supplies at RV parks. We have gradually, through much research and trial-and-error, found solutions for these problems - solutions we live with every day. We started the RV Water Filter Store fourteen years ago to help other people overcome these same problems. And in addition to our products, we can offer you hard-won and road-tested advice that will help make your RVing experience more pleasant.

We originally were able to operate our business out of the back of our pickup truck, but as our product line and customer base expanded, we have had to expand our trucking capacity. We now travel around in a custom full-size heavy duty Volvo truck with our entire inventory of products and our show booth displays. This web site is our first effort to reach out and help more people than we can in person. We hope you find it helpful. If you'd rather deal with us in person, we'd be glad to meet you. Our schedule of shows is listed on the front page of the site.

We're just a small Ma-and-Pa operation, but we promise to give you a fair and honest deal every time. When you deal with us, you know you're talking to people who have actual experience with the products. We've been there, and we've done it, and we'll steer you in the right direction. And as an added bonus, you'll find our prices are quite competitive with the "big boys".

We thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you find what you're looking for. If not, please Ask Rick - he's the water guru!