RV Water Filter Store: Portable, removable countertop water filters that attach to your 
sink faucet and have their own dispensers.  They utilize replaceable filter cartridges.

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Information About:
    Water Filtration
    Water Flow & Pressure
    Choosing a System
    Choosing a Filter Cartridge
    Minerals &  Softeners
    Reverse Osmosis
    Glossary of Terms
Replacement Filter Cartridges:
     for Standard Canisters
            Sediment Cartridges
            Carbon Cartridges
            Combination Cartridges
            Specialty Cartridges


Note:  The Cartridges above will fit in FloPur, WaterPur, Culligan, Shurflo, Sears, Ametek, US Water, Premier and any other brand except Omni, which only fits sediment and C1 cartridges from us.


     for Jumbo Canisters

     for Everpure Filters

     for Omnipure Q-Series

     for Hydro-Life/Aqua-City/Pentek/
    Shurflo/Shruflo Inline Filters

     for Alpine & Alpenlite RVs

Systems & Components:
    Whole-RV Systems
       In-Line Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Jumbo Canisters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
    Drinking Water Systems
       Countertop Filters
       Standard Canisters
       Replaceable Cartridge Filters
       Reverse Osmosis

     Ultra-Violet Systems
 Variable Speed RV Pumps/Delivery Pupms/
    RO Boost Pumps/Macerators/
    Accumulator Tanks 

    Pressure Regulators/Gauges
    Custom Quality Hoses
    Water Softeners &
    Mineral Removal

    Useful Gadgets



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Information About:

If you are concerned about giardia, cryptosporidium, coliforms, and other biological pathogens in your water, you have several methods of protecting yourself. One of these is to render the microbes harmless with a UV system, one of the most effective choices for preventing water-borne illnesses.
Why UV?
Ultraviolet light can be dangerous to humans, and it is positively lethal to microorganisms. When exposed to UV light, many of them  will die, but virtually all of them will be rendered sterile and unable to reproduce. Without reproducing inside your body, they can't make you sick. UV is particularly effective with viruses, as they are very difficult to remove from your water by filtration. Some viruses have even passed through reverse osmosis systems, although it is rare. So, to protect yourself from viral infection from your water, your best choices are boiling, distilling, ozonating, or UV. Of these, UV is by far the safest and cheapest method, especially for RVers.
How Does A UV System Work?
A UV system consists of a UV light source and a device to enable the water to be exposed to the light. Most systems include a tube that the water passes through that has a long, thin UV fluorescent tube as its core. As with many things, the longer the water is exposed to the light source, the better job of sterilizing is achieved. For this reason, UV sterilizers are designed to get the maximum residence time of the water within the unit.
How Expensive Is UV To Operate?
The operational cost of UV systems is very low, as the only expense is the electricity to run the fluorescent light.  The only other cost involved is in replacing the UV bulb. They are rated for 9000 hours, which is one year of continuous use, but even if you aren't a full-time RV'er, you should still replace the bulb once a year, as they do deteriorate.